About JDM

JDM (Jing Da Machine)Technology Limited  founded in Shenzhen, 2007, is a company that specializes in industrial automation solution development, production and marketing. It provides various industrial productions with professional automation solutions and equipment, as well as other areas, including test fixtures, assembly fixtures, metals and plastic products, electronics accessories, parts processing service, standard parts agency and marketing.
JDM has an experienced technical team with staff dedicated to mechanical, electronic, and software. In addition, its optimized equipment resource reaches a professional standard, which allows JDM provide a considerate service for (our) clients, greatly improving the productivity efficiency and reducing labor cost. JDM products have been widely applied to numerous fields, such as computer, communications industry, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, health care and so on. JDM products are created on the basis of the business JDM would be continued motivation of providing excellent quality products & service as top priority to our customers.philosophy to keep abreast with the times, so as to always provide better service for customers.













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