Test Probe Selection

Test Probe Selection 
JDM will select and fit appropriate test probes according to the type of test point specified and the specific requirements of each contact point.

We include a brief description of the most commonly supplied probes and their application in order to assist with the ordering of spare parts and to clarify our probe selection criteria.
The principle variables in probe design are:
※Spring Force

The most commonly used probes have a receptacle diameter of 1.7mm and are appropriate for spacing of 2.54mm and greater.

We typically fit gold-plated steel probes due to their excellent electrical contact properties and long life.
To ensure optimal contact, we typically specify the highest available spring force (3.0N for the 1.7mm probes) as it allows the probes to tolerate some dirt and flux on the PCB.

The head-style selection depends on the test point, the most common of which are as follows:

Note that this is just a very small selection of the available probes.
Please contact us if you require more detailed information or have a specific requirement.

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